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We offer a thorough and effective cleaning service for your car seats that blows away the rest of our competition. Restore your car seats to their original condition through us today!
  • We are professional
  • We ensure that you are satisfied with our services
  • We offer affordable cleaning options
  • We provide as much assistance possible to fulfill your interior cleaning needs
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Your Car Seats!

Why You Should Clean Your Car Seats

It is extremely important that you consistently wash your car seats and rid them of all bacteria and germs. Establishing a clean and healthy environment inside your car comes with a lot of benefits. A professional detailing service performed by one of our experts will make the inside of your car feel new again.


Car seats tend to collect a lot of dust, dirt, and other harmful particle substances in a short amount of time. Liquids and food crumbs will also seep into your seats, which adds another element to an already daunting cleaning process. There is no reason in allowing your seats to be perpetually dirty.
  • Remove all the dirt and grime
  • Wipe away all the dust and debris
  • Clean up all the discarded food crumbs

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning services for your car seats will produce unbelievable results. Not only will we remove every vestigial remnant of dirt, but we will also have your car seats sparkling and appearing brand new. Every stain will be removed and during our cleaning process, and we ensure that we cover every square inch of your car seat.
  • Improve the appearance of your car seats
  • Remove all of those unsightly stains
  • Marvel at the beauty of your freshly cleaned car seats

Car Seat Protection

You are well aware of the fact stains and spills on your car seats will occur at some point, and that is why it is important to stay ahead of things. Our deep cleaning services will apply an extra layer of protection from staining – similar to the stain guard that is applied to car seats during the manufacturing process.
  • Prevent future stains from occurring
  • Apply an extra layer of protection on your car seats
  • Have your car seats looking clean and new year-round


Bacteria and allergens will easily begin to build up inside your car seats, and this, as we all know, can create problems. We understand how much our air quality makes difference in our lives. You do not have to continue to allow these pesky micro-organisms to impact your life negatively.
  • Remove all of the airborne bacteria in your car
  • Reduce the existence of allergens in your car
  • Create an interior environment that is conducive to a healthy way of life

Long-Lasting Results

It has been proven that thorough cleanings and the application of a stain-repellent coating on your car seats will make them appear fresh and pristine for as long as a year. In terms of practicality, car seat cleanings eliminate all of those inconveniences that come along with an uncleanly and tarnished interior environment.
  • Feel better about the way the inside of your car looks
  • Keep the inside of your car looking good for a long time
  • Breath in the fresh air and enjoy the revitalization of your car seats

Professional and Reliable

Mobile Detailing Grand Junction, Colorado

Car Seat Cleaning Process

Quick and Easy
Not every detailing job is the same, and so what we do is we will ask you a couple of questions and determine the best course of action in performing a thorough cleaning service on your car seats. This is what the entire process entails:
  • Consult with our cleaning experts to determine what kind of services is best for you
  • We then begin cleaning your car seats: we scrub them down with specialized chemical cleaners that break up every particle of dirt and grime
  • We then apply a layer of stain-repellent to keep your car seats looking clean for a long time (this part of the process is optional).

Mobile Detailing Grand Junction,

We are looking out for our customers: we want your car to look nice, and we want to ensure that the air quality of your car is as clean as it can be. We encourage you to contact one of our mobile detailing professionals today to determine if upholstery cleaning services are right for you!

Why Obtain Our Services?

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We provide high-quality services at a low price. We will transform your car seats so that they appear clean and spotless and we can do this at an economical cost. Car seats will inevitably need to be cleaned and we want to make sure that you obtain the service that is right for you. We prioritize all of our customers’ well-being and we want to make the inside of your car looking new and clean again. There is no place else in the Grand Junction will find a service as affordable and professional as ours. Please give us a call to find out more about everything we have to offer!

About Our Company

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Mobile Detailing Grand Junction offers the most affordable and trustworthy cleaning services in our region. You cannot find another company that offers what we offer. We have been in this business for many years and each year we are expanding growing. Many of our customers rave about our services and often recommend us to their friends and family. The product that we are offering is guaranteed to satisfy all of your mobile detailing needs and we will not settle for mediocrity. Call one of our cleaning experts today and they will explain all the benefits of obtaining our services.