Frequently Asked Questions

Have a few questions about Mobile Detailing Grand Junction before you make the call? Well, down below, you will find a few common questions we receive from clients – and our answers!

What are the benefits of mobile detailing?

Not only does regular detailing keep your vehicle looking its best. But it has other benefits as well. Auto detailing helps protect surfaces such as your upholstery and dashboards keeping them in great condition and lasting longer without looking aged. Detailing your vehicle is also an important part of regular maintenance to keep everything in clean and working order.

Where can mobile detailing be done?

Mobile detailing is all in the name! We can come to your home or office to complete your detailing job so long as the workspace isn’t inhibited by things such as crowded parking or low hanging tree limbs. We provide all materials needed to make your detailing job a breeze and worry-free!

How long does mobile detailing take?

Your personal detailing experience depends on a few different factors. First, if you have a car or SUV these times will vary because of the size of your vehicle. A full detail typically takes around 6 hours, while an interior only or exterior only detail takes around 4-5 hours. A more concrete time frame can be given when we complete your pre-clean checklist.

Is steam better than soap and water?

In short, yes. Not only does steam have less water consumption and doesn’t leave behind any type of residue. Steam is also a powerful degreaser without needing any chemicals as well as being a great disinfectant.

How often should I detail my vehicle?

At least once a year. When you consider selling your car you should always have it detailed so it will not only increase its value but be more appealing to buyers as well. When you put your vehicle up for sale, you should have your vehicle detailed about a week or so before listing it. You should also consider how often you use your vehicle and its current maintenance schedule. If you are on the road a lot you should consider detailing more often to keep everything clean and in working order. In some cases, it is beneficial to detail your vehicle 2-5 times a year. Detailing should be considered as part of your maintenance routine just like oil changes and other fluids.

When is the best time to get your vehicle detailed?

The most beneficial time to have your vehicle detailed is before the winter months come into full swing. Detailing your vehicle can keep its performance up to standards and keeps it looking its best through the harsh conditions that winter has.

What happens if it rains the day of my scheduled detailing?

We keep constant monitoring of the weather to ensure there’s no expected inclimate weather. If inclement weather occurs, we like to contact you to give you the opportunity to reschedule your services.

Are there any harsh chemicals involved in the process?

No. We are proud to have fully eco-friendly products and cleaners.

Is your company insured for damages that may be caused?

Yes! We proudly carry full insurance for any damage that may be caused by either workmanship or cleaning materials. We are very careful with all customer property to ensure no damages are done and do a pre-cleaning walk through with our customers before we start.

How can I make an appointment?

Making an appointment is incredibly easy! You can either go online or call us to schedule your cleaning services.

What if I am running behind on my appointment?

If you believe you will be running late for your appointment, give us a call! We can do our best to accommodate you depending on your schedule. If you are running late and we don’t receive a call we will consider your appointment a no-show and you will be subject to an additional fee.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment or forget?

We understand that life can be hectic and you may need to move appointments around or may completely forget. Appointments can be rescheduled within 12 hours of advance with our online services. We do our best to prevent forgetting appointments by sending reminders out the day before as well as a text message an hour before your scheduled appointment. A fee will be charged for rescheduling a no-show appointment.

How can I cancel my appointment?

Atleast 24 hour notice is required to cancel your appointment online. In short notice situations, give us a call to cancel your appointment and reschedule for a later date that’s more convenient. There is a fee for rescheduling a no-show appointment.

What should I do before getting my vehicle detailed?

All personal items should be removed from the vehicle so that there’s no worry about the importance of items and mishaps can be avoided. We would never want to throw away anything that is of importance to you and feel it can be avoided by removing any personal items for your detailing.

I have a friend who can clean my car for a cheaper price. Why not choose him?

It is likely that your friend is not a professional with training to bring out the best look of your vehicle. Not being professional, it is likely he doesn’t have all the proper tools to get a deep clean of the vehicle. Your friend likely also lacks proper insurance and licensing meaning that damages are more likely to occur.